On this page we learn KubeDirector concepts.

KubeDirector is deployed to a Kubernetes cluster. We deployed KubeDirector in the lesson lab install - part3 with make deploy. On HPE Ezmeral Container Platform KubeDirector is deployed automatically when a Kubernetes Cluster is created.

KubeDirector Applications are created by Application Image author. Applications can be thought of as Cluster blueprints.

KubeDirector Clusters are instantiations of KubeDirector Applications. A KubeDirector Cluster (also called Virtual Cluster) is a single or multiple node application. In a multiple node application the nodes work together with each node having a predefined Role within the cluster.

A Node (also called a virtual node or instance) is a pod.

The node Role defines a set of applications or services and supporting files that run on a given node. All Roles in an KubeDirector Application:

  • can share the same Docker image or have their own Docker image.
  • can have an application configuration package that is executed for each life-cycle event allowing the node to be customised.
  • can define zero or more Services.